Save the Pelicans

Pelican Pelicans

Why are otherwise healthy brown pelicans in California showing up on coastal beaches starving, weak, and dazed? Scientists are racing to find the cause, and the cure.

A similar situation occurred in 2022, and it was thought then that late spring storms caused choppy water and wind, making visibility poor. Brown pelicans are the only pelican species that hunt with dramatic dives from high above the ocean surface.

If you see a pelican in the wild that appears injured, or confused, please do not attempt to approach the animal, but instead contact your local authorities. The Bird Rescue Center, International Bird Rescue Center, Marine Mammal Care, and other bird and pelican rescue organizations throughout the state are looking for volunteers and donations.

A portion of the proceeds from purchases of the Flipworkz pelican educational flipbook will be donated to wildlife education and conservation efforts.

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