Flipworkz brand flipbooks are sold at hundreds of national and state parks, museums, zoos and wildlife preserves, bookstores and gift shops, and select fine retailers throughout North America.


     As we approach 20 years in the business of creating flipbooks, Flipworkz has earned a reputation for product quality and customer satisfaction.

     But our company’s ongoing commitments extend to affordability, as well. Flipworkz products have an MSRP that represents our emphasis on the school-aged market, while providing a comfortable profit for our predominantly nonprofit partners, as well.

     Flipworkz customarily ship in a refillable pop-up displayer that holds 24 books (our minimum order, in any combination of titles). Designed to increase sales as well as keep your counter neat, the displayer is especially ideal for gift carts, kiosks and satellite shops.

     Shrink wrapping is available for a modest extra charge per unit (and an extra day or two of ship time), and a customer demonstrator is available, absolutely free, on request. Orders usually ship within 24 hrs.

     Call us today at 1-800-424-1994 to order, or for more information.