At Flipworkz, we feel that a company should make every effort to provide the utmost quality and lasting value in its products. To every extent possible, they should be domestically sourced, and produced in a environmentally conscious manner.

All of us have seen, far too often, products intended for children with compromised levels of quality in parts, construction, and design. The excuse that "it's just for kids" for substandard goods is unjustifiable: if anything, products for children should meet a higher standard, given the relative value given them by their young owners. 

With this in mind, Flipworkz flipbooks:

  • Are manufactured entirely in the U.S.A.
  • Are created utilizing award-winning video and still photography.
  • Are filled with scientist-vetted information; more than 50 facts per book.
  • Use heavy paper of high quality coated stock, insuring 1,000's of flips.
  • Are bound with a metal "stitch", preventing pages from ever falling out.